Make sure you are investing your time, energy and money into the right course for you! Always ask these questions before you book a Dutch course at any Dutch language school!

How do you compare Dutch Courses in Online? Why should you ask these questions before you book your Dutch course? Please read this page >

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17 questions you should ask before booking your Dutch course!

Questions for a Dutch language school Dutch Course Another school
1. Do you allow everyone to participate in your course? No ?
2. Is your Dutch course specially designed for highly educated people? Yes! ?
3. How do you make sure you allow only highly educated people to your course? Placement test ?
4. Is your Dutch course specially designed according to the CEFR standards A1-A2-B1 levels? Yes! ?
5. Does your beginners end-level meet the requirements of the A1 CEFR standard? Yes! ?
6. Is a good English required for participation in your Dutch course? Yes! ?
7. How do you test the progress of your students in your course? Online tests ?
8. Do you have your own testing system at the end of the course? Yes! ?
9. Do you test the Dutch level of your students beforehand of the course? Yes! ?
10. Do you provide a certificate? Yes! ?
11. Do you have your own book and teaching methode? Yes! ?
12. Where can I read reviews of your students? Here! ?
13. How many lessons do you offer? 22 ?
14. What is the duration of one class? 2 hours ?
15. What is the price per class hour? 7,9-10 euro ?
16. How many students do you allow in one group? max 12 ?
17. Do you have your own website with study materials (videos, audio, books, flashcards, exercises?) Student Dashboard ?